Saturday, January 28, 2006

Horror King's Cell

Setephen King's much awaited novel Cell is now available. I haven't read King's Tower series, but his new novel is getting praise from all over. review begins with the line:

"Witness Stephen King's triumphant, blood-spattered return to the genre that made him famous."

And Publishers Weekly review starts with:

"What if a pulse sent out through cell phones turned every person using one of them into a zombie-like killing machine? "

An user, DanD writes:

"Remember the utter horror of "Pet Semetary?" Remember the oppressive atmosphere of "'Salem's Lot?" The stark hopelessness of "The Stand?" The unmentionable evil of "It?" Stephen King hasn't--though he has made some well-written departures from horror (wrapping up his "Dark Tower" series, and the non-story mystery "The Colorado Kid"), he returns to the horror genre with the impact of a .44 caliber--"Cell," his latest and most horrific book in years. "

May be I will read it, but I am not sure.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kings Dark Tower series is awesome, until the last book, when he paints himself as God, which to me, added to the fact that he appears in every single one of his movies, shows an egotistical ass

5:09 AM  

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