Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wisdom of Our Fathers by Tim Russert

father and babyTim Russert has hosted NBC's Meet The Press since 1991. He also hosts Tim Russert, a weekly interview program on CNBC. He is author of best-selling auto biography "Big Russ and Me" in which he wrote about his relationship with his father. Surprised by the overwhelming and heartfelt reception to his book, Russert follows that memoir in his new book "Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons". It is a a collection of memories, stories and letters he received recounting relationships between fathers and their sons and daughters.

The book is a collection of memories shared by the readers of Russert's previous book. He listened these stories on book tours, people mailed him their own memories. These were the memories of sons and daughters who wanted to tell what kind of father they had and how special their dad was.

Tom Brouwer writes about this book on his blog:
What I really like about Wisdom of Our Fathers is that it is a collection of stories about dads who did things, or at least something, right. Here in one place are many examples of being a good dad for men like me who want to be a better dad.
This book is a great gift on Father's day and there is a nice post "A tribute to fathers" by Nikita on Putative Thoughts.

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